CMT provides a wide range of engineering consulting services in oil and gas industry. Our specialists have expertise in the areas of Internal Corrosion Management (ICM), Multiphase Flow, Materials, Oilfield Chemicals, Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions and to exceed customer’s expectations.

Internal corrosion management (ICM) is a very complicated task since so many variables need to be considered. CMT’s “Internal Corrosion Management” process for both onshore and offshore pipelines includes as follows:

ㆍ Internal corrosion and multiphase flow assessment
ㆍ CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
ㆍ Corrosion and Multiphase Flow Modeling
ㆍ Material Selection
ㆍ Determination of Corrosion Monitoring Location
ㆍ Corrosion Risk Assessment
ㆍ Corrosion and Multiphase Flow Testing
ㆍ Corrosion Inhibitor Selection
ㆍ Corrosion Data Analysis
ㆍ Review of Technical Report

We can minimize the risk of possible failures for both onshore and offshore pipelines from effective corrosion management strategies.

ㆍICM Processes

1. Internal Corrosion Assessment
2. Multiphase Flow Assessment
3. Corrosion Monitoring
4. Corrosion Investigation
5. Mitigation Plan (e.g. inhibitors)
6. Data Analysis
7. Review and Assessment Frequency
8. Documentation for Corrosion Control Manual

Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) is a pipeline inspection technology where in-line inspection is not practicable. Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment consists of a four turn-key processes as follows:

ㆍICDA Processes

Step 1. Pre-Assessment
Step 2. Indirect Inspection
Step 3. Direct Examination
Step 4. Post Assessment

The most important key parameter for the success of ICDA process is to understand pipeline flow concepts since ICDA was developed based on pipeline flow concepts. CMT has very strong backgrounds regarding multiphase flow and corrosion.

• LP - ICDA (Liquid Petroleum Pipeline Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment, NACE Standard SP-0208)
• DG - ICDA (Dry Gas Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment, NACE Standard SP-0206 )
• WG - ICDA (Wet Gas Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment, NACE Standard SP-0110)
• MP – ICDA (Multiphase Flow Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment, NACE standard SP-0116)

CMT also provides a training workshop regarding “Determination of multiphase flow on corrosion in onshore and offshore pipelines” upon client request.

Understanding of multiphase flow is very important to improve the reliability of the system for flow assurance, corrosion and erosion.

CMT can guide you the best approach to solve pipeline multiphase flow problems through theory, experiments, experience, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our flow team provides technical support for the following activities:

ㆍOur Activities

• Assessment for multiphase flow on corrosion
• Flow pattern determination
• Proper Inhibitor selection
• Wax/Asphaltene deposition and removal
• Drag reducing agents
• Sand transportation
• Emulsion

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is widely used for many applications in the oil and gas industry. Some examples are the design of slug catcher, erosion modeling, multiphase separator, heat transfer in subsea pipeline and hydrate formation, prediction of sand transportation, and so on. CMT works on CFD, EFD (Experimental Fluid Dynamics) and Software Development for the entire gamut of applications in the oil & gas industry.

CMT’s staff is highly recognized in the areas of multiphase flow, corrosion/erosion, material selection, and oilfield chemicals. More than 400 engineers and researchers in the oil industry attended our training workshops. CMT also provides “lab hands-on training” for the testing of multiphase flow and corrosion. CMT provides “training workshops” with the request of clients as follows:

ㆍOur Training Workshops

1. Management of Multiphase Flow and Internal Corrosion/Erosion in Oil and Gas Pipelines, Cause and Control (Duration: 3 days)
2. Oil Field Corrosion (Duration: 2 days)
3. Proper Understanding of Drag Reducing Agents in multiphase flow environments (1 day)
ㆍAre you looking for a good oilfield chemical?
ㆍDo you have any problem to select oilfield chemicals?

It may be difficult for challenging projects to select an effective inhibitor regarding corrosion and flow assurance. We have extensive experiences to assist oil and gas companies regarding the selection of oilfield chemicals. We can recommend and consult you for the proper selection of oilfield chemicals including testing.

ㆍCorrosion Inhibitor
ㆍHTHP Corrosion Inhibitor (T>120 oC)
ㆍGas Phase Corrosion Inhibitor
ㆍH2S Scavenger
ㆍWax/Asphaltene Inhibitors & Removing Chemicals
ㆍScale Inhibitor
ㆍDrag Reducing Agents
ㆍMulti-functional Inhibitors (CI + Demulsifier, CI + H2S Scavenger, CI + Scale Inhibitor)