CMT has assisted many customers by providing lab testing services for both corrosion and flow assurance. CMT provides lab testing services in collaboration with Kitech, SRI and Tridiagonal as follows:

ㆍLab Testing Services

ㆍCorrosion & Corrosion Inhibitor Performance
ㆍErosion & Erosion/Corrosion
ㆍGalvanic Corrosion
ㆍMultiphase Flow Characteristics
ㆍHydrate & hydrate inhibitors
ㆍDrag Reducing Agents
ㆍMaterial Selection
ㆍSand Transportation

CMT provides corrosion testing services for both onshore and offshore pipelines including downhole.

ㆍCorrosion Testing Services

• CO2 Corrosion Testing (Autoclaves, 1” Flow Loop and 4” Flow Loop)
• H2S Corrosion Testing (HTHP Autoclaves)
• Corrosion Inhibitor Selection Testing (Autoclaves, 1” Flow Loop and 4” Flow Loop)
• Galvanic Corrosion Testing Autoclaves, 1” Flow Loop and 4” Flow Loop)
• Standard Testing (NACE, ASME and ASTM)

Flow assurance becomes critical in oil and gas industry. However, flow assurance testing is not easy because of limited testing equipment. CMT provides various flow assurance testing services using multiphase flow loop systems as follows:

ㆍFlow assurance Testing Services

• Multiphase Flow Characteristics (e.g. Flow Regime)
• Hydrate formation & hydrate inhibitors
• Drag Reducing Agents
• Demulsifier
• Sand Transportation

ㆍMultiphase Flow Loop System Capabilities

• Pipe Sizes: 1 and 4 inches
• Superficial Liquid Velocity: 0.01 ~ 0.3 m/s
• Superficial Gas Velocity: 1 ~ 12 m/s
• Pressure: 70 Bar
• Temperature: 0 ~ 120 C
• Oil Viscosity: 0.5 ~ 300 cP

Erosion is one of major problems in the oil and gas industry. Pipelines, fittings and flow control devices in the oil and gas industry are typically exposed to erosive conditions. In collaboration with Tridiagonal, we operate a multiphase erosion flow loop facility.
Our erosion flow loop system is unique in that studies can be conducted in 2 ~ 6 inch flow lines. Experiments can be conducted in liquid/solid, gas/solid and gas/liquid/solid flows. We are also actively involved in validating various existing erosion models and improving these models to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

ㆍErosion Flow Loop System Capabilities

• Pipe Sizes: 2, 3, 4, and 6 inches
• Superficial Liquid Velocity: 0.05 ~ 0.5 m/s
• Superficial Gas Velocity: 10 ~ 80 m/s
• Sand Flow Rate: 05 ~ 15 kg/h
• Particle Size: 20 ~ 450 microns
• Test Sections: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, and Other Exotic Metals