Flow loops are utilized to study and understand multiphase flow corrosion and flow assurance phenomena and apply the knowledge to field pipeline systems.

CMT’s staff has numerous experiences to design and fabricate multiphase flow loop system. Since the design of a flow loop can be very complicated depending on applications and testing parameters, designer should have good backgrounds regarding multiphase flow, corrosion and flow assurance. In addition, the designer should have a extensive experience in conducting flow loop tests. CMT can design a flow loop as follows:

ㆍFlow Loop

• Multiphase flow and corrosion flow loop (CO2 and CO2 /H2S)
• Top of the line corrosion flow loop
• Erosion flow loop
• Hydrate flow loop
• Wax and/or Asphaltene flow loop
• Combination of applications

CMT also offers “hands-on training” for flow loop operation.

CMT offers the design of “customized testing system” regarding inhibitor testing (e.g. H 2 S scavenger, scale inhibitor) and equipment testing (e.g. multiphase pump, valves, flow meters).